State: Kansas
City: Kansas City
Zip code: 64151
Type: Animals

I HAVE ANOTHER AD BUT DUE TO THE FACT I CAN ONLY PUT 5PICS ON IT THESE ARE THE OTHER 2 "KIDS".Due to circumstances beyond my control i have to find a home for my "4-legged kids". Each has their own personalitys not one is independent or aloof. They range from ages 1-8yrs. and coloers from Calico; to Orange and White; to black and Tabby Striped. All are American Shorthair:an are the differant combinations of: Siamese/Maine Coon Mix; Maine Coon/American Bobtail; Manx. Most will get along with other pets all but 1 was raised along side lrg.dogs. All are strictly indoor (except 2-Mixer and Baby girl) all have shots except for rabies and all are on frontline. I cant take them to a shelter because the no kill shelters are full and the other couldnt give me a guareentee the would leave alive:5 i raised since birth do i need to say more? If you need more info on or are ready to meet one (or more) to take home-EMAIL ME AT : or CALL AND LEAVE ME A MESSAGE (if you do not leave me a messqage with a c/b# and a message i will not call you back) AT 816-589-. THE 1ST 2 PICS ARE MY KIDS THE OTHER 3 ARE SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT PARENTS LOOKED LIKE(I HAVE A SIAMESE FATHER AND THE CALICO MOTHER) BUT MY FEMALE MAINE COON AND THE AMRICAN BOBBTAIL ARE BOTH DECEASED.