Price: $65

Seller: Yvonne Patterson
State: Kansas
City: Kansas City
Zip code: 64133
Type: Animals

What a little cutie this Quaker (also called monk parrot) is. ?Peepers? is 18 years old but you?d never know it. He has good energy (not hyper) and enjoys being held and petted.
We won?t ship. Wings of Love, Inc. is a Missouri 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation . It is unlawful for a rescue group to sell an animal and compete with other businesses. This bird will remain the corporation?s bird but we need a foster home for him. You will not be able to sell, barter, trade or give away this bird. If you need to return the bird we will come and pick him up. This way we protect our birds for their lives and help those who foster understand and better deal with a bird as a pet. Quakers are illegal to have in Kansas so you must live in Missouri to foster this bird.
Peepers is a bit reclusive and enjoys playing hide & seek while hiding amongst a tea towel draped over his cage. He does not like loud noises as this startles any parrot. He eats a little fruits/veggies (we?ve been working on this ? loves apples, sweet potatoes slightly cooked, pears, and bing cherries). He enjoys his pin feathers on the top of his head to be preened and as with all birds, if one hurts he?ll protest with a tiny squawk ? he quickly settles right down. He has a rectangular pyrex dish he enjoys bathing in.
Peetie does have an overgrown beak, which we need to trim twice a year. All you?ll do is bring him back to us at no charge and we?ll trim it. We will teach you what you need to know about keeping a parrot for a pet. You?ll always be able to call us with questions.