Price: $400

Seller: Yvonne Patterson
State: Kansas
City: Kansas City
Zip code: 64133
Type: Animals

Orange-winged Amazon parrots are a wonderful pet bird because they are quiet and usually not as aggressive as some other types of Amazons. This is the second one we (Wings of Love, Inc. is a Missouri 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation) have taken in this year.
?Charley? is just a little over a foot long. He is very docile and will go to other people. Charley has mostly been a man?s bird. However in this foster home there are no guys so he?s doing well with a couple of females. Amazons typically will bone with one person. This means if the bird bonds with your husband you will be the ?other woman?. The man that used to have Charley can tickle his tummy and he opens up his beautiful wings displaying the beautiful orange feathers.
We won?t ship. It is unlawful for a rescue group to sell an animal and compete with other businesses. This bird will remain the corporation?s bird but we need a foster home for him. You will not be able to sell, barter, trade or give away this bird. If you need to return the bird we will come and pick him up. This way we protect our birds for their lives and help those who foster understand and better deal with a bird as a pet.
Charley eats fruits/vegetables, ZuPreem pellets and occasional seed. We require his cage papers be changed daily and food/water bowls washed every morning. Please call if you are interested in fostering this bird.