Seller: Don Worthington
State: Kansas
City: Kansas City
Zip code: 64133
Type: Animals

Free to a home without other dogs or cats.  Zeus is a 4 year old German Shepard male.  He is neutered.  He is also house broken and kennel trained.  He obeys the basic dog commands.  Zeus is dog aggresive and cat aggresive.  He does not like to be around other dogs or cats.  He is basically a human companion dog.  He does like children.  Will play with children.  Will guard children.  He is a very lovable dog.  He is a registered German Shepard with AKC.  Unfortuntly we do not have the papers for him.  He was bred to be a police canine dog.  Due to the one floppy ear, he didn't make the grade.  He is of pet quality.   If interested, please contact Don at or call 615-242-.  Thank you.